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The Nigeria Prize for Science

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​2022​Gains in Grain Yield of Released Maize (Zea Mays L.) Cultivars under Drought and Well-Watered Conditions

Development of Process Plant for Plantain Flour

​Muhydideen Oyekunle and Shehu Ado

Sesan Peter Ayodeji and Emmanuel Olatunji Olatomilola




2021No WinnerNo Winner
2019Carbon Capture, Carbon Utilization, and Biomass Gasification and Energy Storage for Power Generation Professor Meihong Wang and Dr. Mathew Aneke

2018Nanostructured Metal Hydrides for the Storage of Electrical Power from Renewable Energy Sources and for Explosion Prevention in High Voltage Power TransformersPeter Ngene

2017Improving Home and Community Management of Malaria: Providing the Evidence Base

Multifaceted Efforts at Malaria Control in Research: Management of Malaria of Various Grades and Mapping Artemisinin Resistance

Novel lipid microparticles for effective delivery of Artemether antimalarial drug using a locally-sourced Irvingia fat from nuts of Irvingia gabonensis var excelsa (ogbono).

Ikeoluwapo Ajayi, Ayodele Jegede & Bidemi Yusuf

Olugbenga Mokuolu​

Chukwuma Agubata

2016No WInnerExtended to 2017
2015No CompetitionNo Competition
2014No CompetitionNo Competition
2013No CompetitionNo Competition
2012No WinnerNo Winner
2011No WinnerNo Winner
2010Development of a New Method in Die DesignProfessor Akaehomen Ibhadode

2009Discovery of the gene responsible for the creation of Sialidase (SD), an enzyme which causes sleeping sickness (Trypanosomiasis)Professor Andrew Nok

2008Solution to Road Pavement Destabilisation by the Invention of ‘Lateralite’: A Stabilisation Flux for Fine Grained Lateritic SoilsDr. Ebenezer Meshida

2007No WinnerNo Winner
2006Wound Healing Devices (Formulations) Containing Snail MucinProfessor Michael Adikwu

2005No WinnerNo Winner
2004Real-Time Computer Assisted Leak Detection/Location Reporting and Inventory Loss Monitoring SystemProfessor Akpoveta Susu & Dr. Kingsley Abhulimen