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The Nigeria Prize for Literary Criticism

Literature cannot be said to have evolved if it lacks a vibrant reading and critical culture. A healthy dose of literary criticism is, therefore, necessary for the sustenance and growth of literature.

Literary criticism aims to deepen interpretations, outlook and the craft of creative writing. It also places emphasis on a particular milieu, be it literary, historical or imaginary. Therefore literary criticism must be supported and encouraged for robust development and growth of creative writing.

These considerations led Nigeria LNG Limited to introduce a prize for literary criticism in 2012. The Nigerian Prize for Literary Criticism currently has a cash value of N1 million.

Since the aim of the Prize is to promote Nigerian literature, it is open to literary critics from all over the world critiquing Nigerian literature.

For the purposes of this prize, Nigerian literature is defined as literature on Nigeria and the Nigerian experience and not literature written by a Nigerian. Special consideration is, however, given to critical essays on the works of the new generation of Nigerian writers.

The winners of this Prize are presented at the public presentation of winners of The Nigeria Prize for Literature.