Hippolite Amadi

Winner, The Nigeria Prize for Science 2023

Professor Hippolite Amadi is the winner of The Nigeria Prize for Science 2023 on “Innovation for Enhancement of Healthcare Therapy” with his three (3) technological innovations aimed at saving the lives of neonates by making the delivery of oxygen cheap and easy.
The first innovation is the non-invasive Neonatal Ventilator, a key invention (The bubble PoliteCPAP) for continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) ventilation of very low-birth-weight neonates; the Oxygen Delivery Blender System, which allows for the safe delivery of oxygen without the danger of toxicity; and the Oxygen Splitter System, which allows for the use of a shared source of oxygen to many neonates at a time, in situations where piped oxygen is not available.

Professor Hippolite’s global expertise in orthopaedic biomechanics and neonatal innovations for low-income settings has been shaped by his exceptional academic achievements. As a former student and now a Professor at Imperial College London, UK, he earned multiple postgraduate medical degrees, including a PhD.

His dedication to medical practice and research has led to the establishment of a dynamic team comprising nurses, doctors, and technicians. This team has covered more than 30 tertiary hospitals across Nigeria over the past two decades, granting Hippolite unparalleled access to a vast repository of evidence-based data on a national scale.

Professor Hippolite’s impact extends beyond Nigeria. He is a recognised figure in global discussions on the African perspective of climate change’s impact on neonatal health, earning a consistent place on the lists of influential thinkers by organizations such as WHO, Wellcome Trust, and the World Bank.

His exceptional accomplishments have also earned him a prestigious spot in the Imperial College London Hall of Fame as part of the alumni story series.