Jude Idada

Literature Prize Winner For 2019
Jude Idada - 2019 winner of The Nigeria Prize for Literature

Jude Idada is not just any The Nigeria Prize for Literature Laurette; he was also the youngest in 2019. Born in 1993 in Lagos, Jude was a science based student in his school days but insisted in following his passion in writing and the arts. He is not just a great writer who has churned out several novels, children literatures, poetry collections and other books but several screen plays, songs, stage plays and also acting credits. He has been nominated in several awards and in fact won the ANA/NDDC prize for best drama with his book, Oduduwa: The King of Edos in 2013 while his screenplay The Tenant won the 6th African Movies Award in 2010. In 2019 Jude Idada’s Boom Boom earned him the biggest African laurel, The Nigeria Prize for Literature.