Abideen Abolaji Ojomu

Abideen Abolaji Ojomu is a playwright, poet, actor, and dancer with multiple performances.  

He graduated as a Chemical Engineer from Lagos State University. He is an artist of Nigerian origin, who has successfully staged many of his plays with different playhouses and has done various book readings at various events.  

Abideen uses art as a mould for building satires about social and existential issues in an attempt to decompose the logic behind the issues into the underlying sentiments. This decomposition is often not attainable by science but by art and her finicky touches. 

He has written many plays like Oils wheels, Woes of Warriors, and more recently The Ojulegba Crossroads,all addressing the issues that plague Africa’s largest country.  

Abideen is a lover of art in its forms. He is a learner whose plight is to understand more about that vast endless ocean of art.  

Abideen is a member of the Black Penthers- Toronto Canada. A team of distinguished black writers put together by Cahoots Playhouse in an effort to project the relevance of black culture and art.